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Zostavax - Benson Drug Co. now has the SHINGLES VACCINATION Zostavax available for our patients.

What is Shingles?  Shingles is a serious disease caused by a virus.  It is marked by itching, burning, and tingling skin, which develops into a painful blistering rash.  The pain usually lessens as the rash heals over a period of about 30 days however; a lasting pain condition called postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) may persist for months or years.  Shingles can lead to lasting complications such as scarring, skin infections, muscle weakness and decrease or loss of vision and hearing.

Who should get the vaccine?  The CDC recommends that adults 60 years and older be vaccinated with Zostavax to help prevent shingles.  Your risk for contracting shingles increases with age.  The vaccine will greatly reduce your chance of contracting shingles. 

How will it be administered?  You have the option of receiving the one-time injection here in the store from a Homcare Inc. nurse, or by making arrangements with your doctor's office.

Will Medicare pay for the vaccine?  The injection is partially covered by most Medicare Part D plans.  Co-pays may very depending on your plan type of insurance.

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